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I love to experience Himalaya because it is there. Simple.

Whenever I think about Himalaya, I feel so proud of my existence as human being for I can see the grandest wonder of nature and further, I feel so fortunate to be living in Delhi for it takes only few hours to enter Himalaya’s fiefdom. Though, The Himalayan mountain system extends some 2,500 km from east to west and covers about 595,000 sq km but for me Himalayan fiefdom starts as soon as I enter Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand or Kashmir which is mainly western part of Himalaya. Alas, I am yet to explore eastern part of Himalaya.

My tryst with Himalaya started in 2004 when we went to Vaishno Devi and midnight breeze was so soul elevating that I knew that my connection had established with Himalaya. In 2007, I went all the way to Gangotri on a college trip and it sealed my desired destiny with Himalaya.

However, I had to wait for 5 more years to transform my desires into reality when I found myself in Kashmir for good 10 days celebrating my post wedding days in 2012. It was all snow laden oozing the purest form of beauty in all directions and I was completely sold to its unchained existence. As a couple, we were sure that we would have to explore it and live it for all our lives. After so many trips to Himalayas, we proudly say that we are smitten by Himalaya.


Kashmir Trip in 2012.

Since then, Himalaya keeps calling me. Every now and then I feel an itch in my feet which pushes me into the lap of Himalaya. I believe, now, this is eternal and I am elated that it is eternal. I keep going to Himalaya first because it is there and second because it is there and third because it gives me so many reasons to celebrate life. Every time I see this crowing beauty of planet earth, it’s love at first sight coz every time it presents a fresh perspective which is adventurously spiritual & excitingly mysterious.

Every turn and every road gives fresh perspective to life and refreshes zeal to live full throttle. When I breathe amid the beauty of Himalaya I truly feel that I am alive.  I am forever grateful that I discovered the Himalaya and now it’s a lifelong passion.


Himalaya is an exact epitome of Inspiration. Every bit of Himalaya oozes inspiration to live a grand life. Driving on curvaceous roads & passing through lovely woods and verdant valleys give me real adrenaline kick. Every feet of climb is a test of endurance that encourages me to challenge my limits. I, truly, feel refreshingly alive and kicking whenever I see those clouds clinging on rhododendron trees. The entire aura around Himalaya accentuates when I see those Monasteries, the monks prayer flags and prayer wheels. This aura becomes heavenly pristine during Golden Hours when sacred hues of golden rays envelops the landscape.


Prayer Flags – Blue, White, Red, Green & Yellow

Amidst high altitude passes, water crossing and deep gorges, helping hand of locals and travellers make me feel humbled. Every moment that I spent in the lap of Himalayas is worth a story of thousands of words.

Let me share some of my finest moments from Himalayan world which now have become my reasons to keep traveling back to Himalayas. They are my moments of truth and also source of my eternal motivation to live Himalaya my way.


My reason to travel Himalaya – Snow laden Kashmir in Winters

snow laden kashmir

In 2012, right after wedding, I went to Kashmir in February and what i experienced was breathtakingly unparalleled. Never before, i had seen this kind of snow which made every scene in every direction so much serene and pacifying. Memory of every moment that i spent amidst snow and only snow inspires me daily to make another trip to Himalayas.

Some more Pictures from Kashmir trip to inspire your wander lust.


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My reason to travel Himalaya – Curvaceous Road To Kinnaur Valley

Road to Kinnaur. Road trip in Himalaya.

I am sure for every road tripper, Robert Frost’s immortal words – I took the one road less traveled by And that has made all the difference – are like the real testaments. And, when I drive across Himalayas, every road looks like a road less traveled for it takes me to another wonderland. During my first real Himalayan Road trip to Kinnaur Valley, after Sarahan, every turn made me to stop and watch the beauty. My wife and I acted like children in the lap of divine nature and were motivated with our accomplishment all the way to Chhitkul.

Road to Kinnaur was the real turning point for me as only after this trip, I started my Travel Blog. Few more photographs from this trip –  A Trip to Remember Forever.


My reason to travel Himalaya

Solitude redefined – Standing at the edge


A man needs solitude and I find mine at the top of the world.  Whenever, i get an opportunity, I make sure to stand or sit at the edge and feel the world. This solitude gives real solace and make me one with the Himalayas. Standing at the edge makes me feel humbled and the chilling breeze reminds me of fleeting nature of our time bound life. Every trip to Himalaya, gives me a realistic picture of my life and pushes me to celebrate life everyday.


My reason to travel Himalaya

Living the passion – Self Drive to Spiti Valley

self driveOddity of Himalayan terrain is the ultimate test of endurance for anyone who is passionate about driving. My tryst with driving started on a summer morning when my father pushed me to wake and made me to learn the art of driving. It is more than 20 years since then, however, i could live my passion only after embarking on self drive road trips to Himalayas. Self-drive road trip to Spiti Valley is my ultimate accomplishment and after that i have become fearless and celebrate every moment  of life on road. It not only gave me opportunity to stretch beyond my limits but also made me a better driver for it taught me to value life on road.

For more inspiration, let me share some of the most endearing photographs of my Himalayan Road Trips.


My reason to travel Himalaya 

Golden Hour with Panchachuli Range in Munsiyari

munsiyariIn soulful Himalayan set up, every ray of sun is a light of enlightenment and there is no better time than golden hours to capture nature in its divine glory. Anywhere in Himalaya, every golden hour in morning or evening is a visual treat for eyes. Capturing the colorful extravaganza of Panchachuli Ranges in Munsiyari left indelible impression in my mind and since than I always make a point to capture some part of Himalaya during golden hours. I leave in the midnight hours from Delhi to witness first ray of sun kissing some Himalayan range. Further, my everyday in Himalaya starts early with holding my camera  to capture divine wonders of nature and so the day ends bidding good bye to sun in the evening.

Some of my golden hour captures of heavenly abode called Himalaya,

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My reason to travel Himalaya

A Trophy Moment – Standing Next to The Goosebumps Raising Signboards

signboadIt was a real “Been There & Done That” kind of accomplishment for my adventure thirsty soul. I have heard so much about this road that mere thought of driving on this was gave goosebumps to me and standing next to this signboard took me closer to the state of self actualization. This elated trophy moment made me more determined to conquer more milestone and thus I find myself again and again driving on some Himalayan road.

My some other Trophy Moments from Himalaya are tryst with crossing Kunzum La, crossing 10800 feet high Jalori Jot (Pass), getting the fuel filled at the highest petrol pump of the world, road trip to highest inhabited village Komic, reaching Rohtang after completing Spiti Circuit and many more. Each of these moment satiated my adventure seeking soul and also infuses fresh blood to achieve more on Himalayan roads.


My reason to travel Himalaya

On Spiti River – A walk to remember


On a trip to Trans-Himaayan region, Spiti River is the only constant companion after Khab where it merges into Satluj. For travel enthusiasts, Spiti’s conspicuous presence is too motivating. For road trippers, it has a cult image and for me, to walk on the river bed of Spiti is a spiritual achievement. When i saw the shallow bed of this pebbled river near Dhankar Monastery, it was impossible for me to show any self constraint as the pristine turquoise colored water too captivating to give it a miss.

Experienced like this can only be experienced in the fiefdom of Himalaya and these aspects make Himalaya a sacred abode of Gods and augment its mythical and mystical value for each of us. People who travel to experience other worldly wonders, have only one option to submit the Himalaya.

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My reason to travel Himalaya 

Jugalbandi of Colors – Chandratal Lake & Rising Sun

chandratal jugalbandi

Jugalbandi is an Indian Musical art form where two musician of different style creates a captivating fusion of music to enthrall the audience and in doing so, they retain their distinct style too. At the Chandratal lake in Himachal Pradesh, I witnessed a riot of colors when rising Sun started to cast its rays on the lake. The Lake and The Sun were in complete sync and playfully showcased their Jugalbandi of colors by creating enchanting reflections on crystal blue water. Every moment, changing reflections in the lake presented a psychedelic vista which was strong enough to impose a state of trans on anyone’s mind and soul.

See for yourself.

Himalayan Region has many such breathtakingly beautiful lakes that ooze melange of colors every day of the year such as legendary Mansarovar Lake, most photographed Pangong Lake, Tso Mori, Dal Lake, Sukhna Lake, Nainital, Gangabal lake etc.

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For me, Himalaya is the paradise and rest everything is called earth. In Himalaya, every day is a profound experience that creates life long memories and truly takes me closer to my self – Sheer ecstasy to sum it all.

May Himalaya be my lifelong passion!


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69 thoughts on “My Reasons To Travel In & Across Himalayas – Ultimate Inspiration!!

  1. Sudhir Chauhan says:

    beautiful capture Himanshu……. Himalayas have been my home…. or rather Iw ould say they brought me up…. as I studied at chail and was in a boarding school….. your drive in a low GC car to spiti and other areas is amazing….. did you face any problem because of that….

  2. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Himanshu,

    How awesome that you live so close to an amazing place.Good for you bro. You are taking advantage of that too, seizing the moment and experience this epic mountain range.

    We visited Nepal in 2013 but only chilled in Kathmandu. We wanted a feel for the place before a return visit, and loved the beauty in the surrounding areas, as well as the warmth and kindness of the Nepali people.

    We will do the Himalayas on a return trip, no doubt.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  3. Cindy Collins says:

    This looks incredible, the photo you capture really make me want to check out this part of the world. The Spiti Valley and the Spiti River both look breathtaking. Hiking there must be awesome. I hope to get there some day.

  4. Anna Johnston says:

    What a beautiful image you create when talking about aura of Himalaya near the Monasteries, I cannot wait to see the monks prayer flags and prayer wheels and at sunset with the golden sunshine rays enveloping the earth as it sets. I bet that was one heck of a pinch me, is this actually happening for me to experience moment?!

  5. Marcelle Simone Heller says:

    Like you, a friend of mine keeps returning to the Himalaya for more than 20 years, always updating his friends with most beautiful pictures and stories of the region. I think, if you have been there ones, it gets under your nails and you have to go back again and again!

  6. Meg Jerrard says:

    I can see how one would very easily fall under the Himalayas spell – some of the most wild, rugged and purest landscapes in the world; I can totally understand how being among this gives you inspiration and makes you feel alive! The snow you experienced in Kashmir in winter is incredible – I’ve never seen that level of snow either – something so surreal! And being able to stand on the edge looking into such an iconic scenery – WOW!

    I hope to travel one day and feel the same deep connection as you do 🙂

    • Everything_Candid says:

      Himalayan landscape is truly mesmerizing. In terms of Snow, i think only north and south pole can match it. It is sometimes also referred as third pole or middle pole for its snow laden landscapes.

  7. zestinatote says:

    Incredible pics Himanshu. I have been to Ladakh about a decade ago, i havent seen such stunning scenery – not in Switzerland or New Zealand or anywhere else. I want to re-visit with my family. And someday go to Spiti and Chandratal lake as well.

  8. Mia says:

    A snow-covered Kashmir and the stunning sky meeting the water in Chandratal lake was pretty much all I needed to inspire my wanderlust. I would love to visit the Himalayas one day. It seems so far away and like it would take a miracle to get there but one day I’ll make it happen. Thanks for lighting a fire under me to get there sooner!

  9. Mei & Kerstin 👭🌍 (@_travelwithmk) says:

    Wow! The golden hour in Himalaya is breathtaking! It’s so inspiring and you’re right about the fact that everyone should experience some kind of solitude – or let’s say inner peace – from time to time, and there’s no better place to experience it than on the top of a mountain.

  10. Julie & Drew says:

    Wow, you are lucky that you have such easy access to such a beautiful part of the world. I can understand why you feel drawn to the Himalayas. The landscape is truly spectacular, and getting a chance to explore more and more of it is special. Great share!

  11. Brianna says:

    Isn’t it so amazing to live so close to some of the world’s most incredible features? I live right near the Great Lakes in the United States. They contain one-fifth of the world’s total freshwater and I can get to them in just a 1.5 hour drive!

  12. clrudder says:

    This is a very inspiring story. Those pictures of Kasmir with the snow is crazy but beautiful. Reminds me of how winters can get here in Canada. Those pictures of the rock faces and scenery are spectacular. One day I’ll make it to the Himalayas

  13. Archana Singh says:

    The Himalayas are my go-to place. I call them my home. It is kinda mandatory for me to take few trips to the offbeat parts of Himalaya in an year. I am so glad to see that you too keep returning back to them. Love your pictures.

  14. Kavita Favelle | Kavey Eats says:

    I love how strong your emotional connection is to Himalayas and how openly you convey that passion. I also really love all the photos taken across your various trips, at different times of year, at different times of day. You can really see that you have forged a forever kind of relationship!

  15. Sarah says:

    Wow! This trip looks amazing. We love self-drive opportunities to explore the world and did not realise you could drive through the Himalayas. I think this trip just found itself on my bucket list!

  16. phoenixraay says:

    Oh my this trip looks absolutely amazing! This is definitely something I would consider doing in the future! My favourite pictures are your snowy ones… I am a sucker for beautiful winter pictures lol!

  17. Kedy says:

    Wonderful! You are doing a good job here, and I want you to know that your presence and work are acknowledged and they are helping us reach our targets and goals. Keep up the good job!

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