Photo Essay on Bhedaghat: A Story of Marble Rocks, River Narmada & Smoky Water Fall

A photo essay on Bhedaghat, the top tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh famous for Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Water Fall created by River Narmada. Read the blog post before you plan your trip to explore Bhedaghat and know all about this natural wonder in Central India. A trip to Bhedaghat will make you happier and you will come back with loads of memories to cherish forever.

Slice Of Life: That Fishing Boy

On my way to Betul in Madhya Pradesh from Nagpur in Maharashtra, I came across a huge Taalab (Water Pond/tank) and from National Highway I saw a Boy sailing a fishing boat in the Pond. It was a summer day of June and in full blown out Sun he was engrossed in fishing. Being a … Continue reading Slice Of Life: That Fishing Boy

Photo Project: Doors of the world

The doors have a definite metamorphosis for me. Whenever, wherever i see a door closed or open it intrigues me. If it is closed, curiosity on what could be inside amuses me and if its open, it invites me to explore. I, however, find closed door more intriguing and appealing. And best part is one finds … Continue reading Photo Project: Doors of the world