All About Unique Khajuraho: Fascinating Facts & Travel Tips Beyond Erotica

Khajuraho is much more than the famed erotica and to see the real Khajuraho, you have to be there to live it. It is an epitome of Indian art and way of living. Read the travel blog to find a different perspective on Khajuraho and its grand temple complex built by Chandelas of Central India. The travel post contains all about Khajuraho, its story, its history and some fascinating facts including travel tips.

Top 10 Candid Travel Photographs Of 2015

Compilation of awe inspiring top 10 candid travel photographs by travel blogger from his traveling days in 2015.

Captivating Landscapes Of Chhattisgarh: Monsoon Heaven for Road Trips

When you travel across Chhattisgarh, the scenic landscapes offer breathtaking views, specially in Monsoon. And in this post, I will share landscapes from Chhattisgarh which will certainly give an itch to your feet to visit this unexploited state of India.

Delhi Diary: Photo Walking Humayun Tomb at Golden Hours

Delhi has been my base since 2006, however, first time I felt utmost regret on a December morning when I finally entered Humayun Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I was awestruck with the unexpected, never-imagined-before grandeur and ages old magnificent splendor of Humayun Tomb. The august feeling sent a shivering signal to my mind … Continue reading Delhi Diary: Photo Walking Humayun Tomb at Golden Hours

Photo Project: Chasing The Sun!!

The omnipotent sun is the only free source of energy and for a photographer Sun is the only God and Sunlight is His only blessing. The idea behind this photo project is to chase the omnipresent Sun everywhere and anywhere and capture the beauty it bestows on the earth. Each frame will certainly have The … Continue reading Photo Project: Chasing The Sun!!

Slice Of Life: That Fishing Boy

On my way to Betul in Madhya Pradesh from Nagpur in Maharashtra, I came across a huge Taalab (Water Pond/tank) and from National Highway I saw a Boy sailing a fishing boat in the Pond. It was a summer day of June and in full blown out Sun he was engrossed in fishing. Being a … Continue reading Slice Of Life: That Fishing Boy

Diving Boys of Betwa River at Orchha

Last summer i finally travelled down to Orchha on my way to Khajuraho. Orchhaa is 15 KM from Jhansi and some 200KM from Khajuraho. After Khajuraho, Orchha must be most pictured town of Madhya Pradesh - The Heart of incredible India.  I love to call it Royal Sepia Town of India which is right on the … Continue reading Diving Boys of Betwa River at Orchha