Guide To Your Road Trip From Melbourne To Sydney

As you all know, Everything Candid covers a lot road trips such as to Spiti Valley, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattsigarh, Madhya Pradesh etc. It feels good when strangers reaches out to us with a road trip oriented post. This time we have Kimpy Oliver with us giving us another Travel Goal on a Road Trip from Melbourne to Sydney. Kimpy Oliver is a writer and marketing specialist who loves the beach and the waves. He enjoys traveling with friends, taking photos and watching the sunset.


Looking for a great bonding moment with your friends and family? Taking a south coast trip from Melbourne to Sydney is a perfect idea. It is indeed one of the best road trips that you can experience not to mention some of the most practical benefit that you can get most especially not having to worry about the cost of flying.

Instead of just a boring drive towards your destination, the south coast road is known as a fun-packed road trip route. In this route, travelers can see various attractions, taste sumptuous food, sip the best tasting wine and of course admire the most picturesque sceneries. It is no wonder this the Melbourne to Sydney (or vice-versa which ever your starting point is) is one of the greatest road trips you can ever take in Australia.

To give you a glimpse and guide for this Melbourne to Sydney road trip, here are some routes that you can take:

Routes to take

Planning a 7-day trip will allow you to cover many beautiful places so if you have time, you can follow this itinerary:

Day 1: Melbourne to Phillip Island – 197 km/ 122 miles or approximately 2.5 hours

Day 2: Phillip Island to Wilsons Promontory – 123 km / 76 miles or approximately 1.75 hours

Day 3: Wilsons Promontory to Metung – 264 km / 164 miles or approximately 3.5 hours

Day 4: Metung to Mallacoota – 226 km / 140 miles or approximately 2.75 hours

Day 5: Mallacoota to Narooma – 214 km / 133 miles or approximately 3 hours

Day 6: Narooma to Jervis Bay – 175 km / 109 miles or approximately 2.5 hours

Day 7: Jervis Bay to Sydney – 185 km / 115 miles or approximately 2.75 hours

Main attractions

You will get to see the sandy beaches and lovely coastal towns of the Mornington Peninsula. You can take a swim alongside dolphins and seals on Port Phillip Bay then you can also visit the famous Mornington Peninsula Hot springs. Going north will give you a glimpse on Australian wildlife through a tour of the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park.


Mornington Peninsula. PC: Wiki Commons / Pixabay

You can check out Koala Conservation Centre. Then enjoy the granite cliffs and golden beaches of Cape Woolamai. Another popular stopover among tourists is San Remo wherein you can feed the pelicans on the way to Inverloch. Do not forget to try the best fish and chips in town.

Drive out of Wilsons Promontory and be mesmerized in the beautiful views of one of the country’s most popular touring regions. You should stop by for a coffee in Foster, a small town hidden in the rolling hills.

Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory. PC: Wiki Commons / Pixabay

Another stopover to make is for a trip to Croajingolong National Park, Betka beach or Secret Beach. If you can’t get enough of the dolphins, you should join a Dolphin watch cruise to mingle with the dolphins, penguins and humpback whales in the protected waters of Jervis Bay Marine Park.


Croajingolong Beach. PC: WIKI Commons / Pixabay

There are definitely a lot to see and enjoy during this 7-day road trip from Melbourne to Sydney which is perfect for family and group of friends.

Road Trip Essentials

Never start your journey without securing the essentials for your tour. Check this 10 tips for long distance road trips.

First secure the perfect road trip car for you and your friends. Be sure that is spacious enough to make your adventure comfortable and relaxed. You can book a car hire in Melbourne from DriveNow and other rental companies to find the best car for your road trip.

Also, don’t forget to bring these items:

  • Paper maps
  • Extra food and water
  • First-aid kit
  • Sanitary kit
  • Sunblock
  • Flashlight
  • Clothes
  • Camera

Ready to explore the road from Melbourne to Sydney? Take a fun south coast road adventure now!


When you reach Sydney, do enjoy your stay there. Sydney has a lot to offer for every kind of traveler. Please refer this blog for more detail on – top things to do in Sydney.


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