Going Off the Beaten Track: A Guangzhou Travel Guide

Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong Province. It’s a major city within the South China Sea Port because it acts as the southern gateway to the world. Likewise, it’s a hub city of the Belt and Road initiative. Besides being the key city within the province, it’s also an ideal location for tourists. That’s due to the new attractions, mild climate, and the old temples/museums.

Things to Do in Guangzhou

The city is a large trading center that’s ideal for anyone who loves shopping. Here, you will find lots of clothing markets that offer wholesale prices. More so, you can come across shops with unique retail bargains. However, this isn’t all that you can enjoy in the city. Here are a few more things to do in Guangzhou.

Visit the Old City

Visiting the old city enables you to learn about the history of Guangzhou. Furthermore, from here, you can enjoy Chinese architecture as well as different paintings and carvings. By visiting the old city, you also get to experience all the different museums.

Guangzhou Opera House

If you’ve never been to an opera house, you should visit the one within the city. The Guangzhou Opera House resembles two pebbles, a small one and a larger one. The small pebble is the experimental theatre while the larger pebble serves as the opera hall. The hall has a seating of 1,687 people and is three stories high. From here, you can enjoy and experience the world’s top auditory feasts.

Canton Tower

Visiting this China’s largest structure can help you enjoy all the unique views. From here, you get to observe the city as well as the Pearl River. Besides, the tower has lots of restaurants as well as a 4D theatre. This is a unique place for families and singles alike. Furthermore, this unique structure rises 604 meters above the ground. At the night, you get to view a magnificent rainbow of colours.

Chimelong Theme Park

Chimelong theme park is the ideal destination for anyone with a family. Here, you get to enjoy lots of fun-packed activities. The first thing your kids will love is the amusement rides. You can also hop on these rides for some fun. More so, there are lots of mind-boggling parades as well as stunt performances or shows. The theme part is the ideal location that will provide your family with some thrill.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Art aficionados will love the imperial architectural art at the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall. Here, you get to visit the academic temple which is considered by many as the Pearl of Lingnan. More so, the temple is also a museum under the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum. You get to enjoy lots of arts and crafts in this museum.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Anyone who loves religious and architectural history will love visiting this cathedral. You can access the Sacred Heart cathedral easily through the metro. It’s one of the largest catholic structures in southeast China. More so, it’s among the four solid granite churches in the entire world.


Located on the Pearl River about 120 km from Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Canton is a place for avant-gardes which can be easily clubbed with a travel to HongKong and Macau. It has a long history and has been China’s capital thrice in the past. Guangzhou is the place from where famed Cantonese Cuisine spread all across world.

All in all, Guangzhou offers a lot to any kind of traveler and must make part of any wish list to experience oriental way of life.


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