Bun Samosa - Street Food at Kasauli

Great Indian Food Trail – Bun Samosa at Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India!!

We recently went to Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh. British era hill town of Kasauli is a quiet, pristine and romantic place located around 60KM from Chandigarh. There is nothing much to do in Kasauli and that’s what I wanted to do there.

After checking in, first thing in our mind was to try Bun Samosa in Kasauli. Samosas are everywhere in India but Bun Samosa of Kasauli is quintessentially legendary. Boarding School chaps have made it famous and also thanks to Khushwant Singh (Mr.KS) for having a residence in Kasauli whose association and fascination has made Bun Samosa a part of Kasauli’s folklore.

Bun Samosa at Narinder Sweet House, Kasauli

There are many places to eat Bun Samosa in Kasauli, but Narinder Sweet House has mastered the art of rolling out best Bun Samosas in Kasauli. After walking down the Mall Road, take a left towards Heritage Market and there you would notice Narinder Sweet House or Tannu Halwai ki Dukan, one of the shops where you will find most people.

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Bun Samosa at Narinder Sweet House, Kasauli

And Owner is such a sweet mithaiwalla and a perfect host as well. He shares his anecdotes of famous people visiting his shops and also tell deliciously about his offerings in such a way that you will die to taste them. He will tell about many famous people who have traveled down to his shop, however, Mr. KS is his favorite. And it ought to be like this, after all Mr.KS famously wrote about Bun Samosa’s of Narinder Sweet house and thus immortalized Tannu Halwai. Owner’s passion to talk about Mr. KS, made me feel that other than the VIP residents of Sujan Singh Park of Delhi, only Tannu Halwai have had seen him for better.

Bun Samosa, Kasauli,Himachal,

Spicy-Piping Hot BUn Samosa, Kasauli

Narinder Sahu’s ancestors came from Banaras which is known for mouth watering-piping hot-spicy-deadly Chaat. And probably because of this relation with Banaras, Tannu Halwai could master the art of preparing Bun Samosa and served with equal poise.

We tried Bun Samosa with Chana and took piping hot Gulab Jamun as desert. My wife who has a god gifted sweet tooth even went further to try the innovative Bun Gulab Jamun. Real innovation, I must say.

For those who love Jalebis, visit the shop after 2 PM. This time I missed Jalebi but surely next time!

Guys, no trip to Kasauli is complete without having a leisure walk down the Mall road to eat Bun Samosa & Gulab Jamun at famed Narinder Sweet House. A must try if you are in Kasauli, India!!


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4 thoughts on “Great Indian Food Trail – Bun Samosa at Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India!!

  1. theoldfellowgoesrunning says:

    I have really grown to love Indian cuisine. My wife Lynne was born in South India in Erode, in the state of Tamil Nadu, and went to boarding school in Nilgiri. It is in a completely opposite end of the country, and she said you may not be familiar with this area, but thought I would mention it.
    Lynne was there until she was 9, I have yet to visit India.
    She now can make wonderful authentic East Indian meals.
    I am enjoying you blog! 🙂

    • Himanshu says:

      Hii Carl, thanks for dropping by. COme india to taste Indian cuisine you love it more.
      Your appreciaition for my blog has made my day.
      Stay connected and whenever plan to visit India, please connect.
      And tell your wife, i know about Erode. Its amazing, being an south indian and leaving india so early, she prepare East Indian Meal. Kudos to her!!

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