Travel Goal: Why Goa For The Next Vacation

Goa has been tagged as the party destination of India. True to it’s reputation Goa has got everything you need to make your vacation the best ever. Now let’s get some facts right; Group plans of Goa fail 95% of the times. But when they do get executed, Goa plans prove to be the best memory you make in your entire lifetime! Like it’s said, “What happens in Goa, stays in Goa”, rightly because our Indian Las Vegas is no less notorious.

Must Visit Places in Goa

Here are some place that you must visit on your dream Goa trip, to get that intoxication of booze, peace, party and hangovers on point!

Enthralling Waterfalls of Goa


Dhudh Sagar. PC – Pixabay.

There are numerous waterfalls in and around Goa. One of the most prominent one is the Dudhsagar waterfall. This place has become really crowded in the last couple of years, but one can still enjoy the milky white water gushing and hitting the rocks. Apart from Dudhsagar you can undertake a trek to the Tambdi Surla Waterfalls, which is safely tucked inside a dense forest. The trek takes your through the dense forests amongst the wild animals and reptiles and straight to the 50 meters waterfall. The sight is rewarding and stuns you with all its beauty. You could also ditch the trek and drive to Ladkyacho Vozar Waterfalls, which is situated at an height of 2600 feet above sea level. To reach this you would have to conquer the tortuous Chorla Ghats. The thrill is real and absolutely spine chilling.


Hidden Beaches of Goa


Cola Beach – A secret blue lagoon in Goa

Hidden beaches in Goa are really well hidden, but as it is said, “Seek and you shall find”. Butterfly Beach has got to be that one beach you would have to hop on a boat to find. It is an enormous stretch of isolation, sand and waves. A perfect place for privacy surrounded by trees and forests. Then comes the Galgibag Beach which houses Olive Ridley Turtles. Enjoy the peace and delicious seafood this place has to offer. Cola Beach is that shy beach, no one has heard about. Not even the locals! It is only some minutes away from Agonda Beach and is surrounded by coconut trees and small huts where you can spend the night. All in all, beaches in Goa are amazing but these hidden beaches have a charm of their, that will change your perspective about Goa altogether.


Legendary Parties of Goa


Party Scene at Hiltop. PC –

In Goa, hotels near Baga beach are in abundance, because that is where all the action takes place. The famous Tito’s and Mambo are right here at Baga along with other party places. The Hilltop at Vagator is known for it’s legendary and epic parties. The atmosphere is insane and will throw you into a trance without the booze! Chronicle and Waters at Vagator are the other two parties that you should not miss if you are into techno. Rave all night and roam all day. That is Goa for you!


Heritage Temples and Caves


Tambadi Surla Mahadev Temple

People never really go to Goa with the aim of visiting temples and caves. Most of them don’t even know about these amazing temples and caves that are both naturally formed and man made. Tambadi Surla Mahadev Temple is the oldest temple in Goa that has witnessed history. The temple withstood the Portuguese invasion and still stands in all it’s glory. The architecture is marvelous and out of the world. Each nook and corner of the temples is worth exploring. The Pandava or The Arvalem Caves date back to the 6th century. The scripts engraved on the rocks are intriguing and you can also take a detour and visit the Arvalem waterfalls nearby. Lamgau Caves are rock cut caves famed for the laterites. You just cannot miss this one. Then comes Khandepar and Rivona caves that are equally enticing and worth the visit.


Goa never fails to amaze anyone with it’s charm. There is absolutely nothing that Goa cannot offer. This small union territory of India is a small pocket of grenades of thrill, excitement and exploration. So go ahead and make the most of your stay in Goa, do what others haven’t, see what others didn’t and feel what you never felt. Goa is world in itself.


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