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Thanks for dropping by.

Let me tell you why this blog!!!!!!

My life’s mantra is based on a simple thought process:

“Life is one, World is so big, Nature is very beautiful but Time is fix and fleeting.”

I like and appreciate everything around me and being a pragmatic person to the core I see opportunities everywhere. To observe and to create is my way of life and my constant efforts are to capture varied nuances of world in most candid way through traveling to distant land, shooting photographs of mighty nature, writing my experiences. It is indeed candidly exciting to meet new people, explore new lands, taste new cuisines, and enjoy nature’s beauty from nature’s lap. I wish to experience all and live all the nuances of the world candidly. and hence the name of the blog is Everything Candid.

In all true senses, my life finds its solace in beyond metro places, capturing the candid surrounding and relishing various foods. India’s richness and diversity make me humble and at the same time encourage me to stretch my limits.

Other than travelling, photography and food, my passion is self driving. Self driving is an extension to my way of life which gives me enough freedom to travel and explore at my pace. My father pushed me to learn driving when I was in 6th standard and since then it has become an integral part of my life.

And to top it up, reading books on various topics redefine the limit for me each day. Reading opens up my mind and enables me to connect the dots and fill the voids of life. I love to read on History, Myths, Politics, Psychology, Philosophy, societal evolution, human evolution, travelogue, biographies etc.

Through this blog I wish to share my candid experiences with all living and yet to born people. I would be glad if I could encourage people to run from the safety of home and complacency of daily life to go closer to nature and enjoy other worldly life.

Thanks to all of you for being here and I hope you would enjoy my posts and tag along with me in this journey. I would be my pleasure to read and reply your comments.

Go Candid…..B U!!


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