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Photo Essay on Bhedaghat: A Story of Marble Rocks, River Narmada & Smoky Water Fall

In Bhedaghat, the mother nature has chiseled a stretched landscape in marble rocks that, prime facie, looks masculine, rugged & also echoes the roaring sound of a thunderous fall but when you sail on the cool, calm and composed Narmada River flowing through this gorgeous landscape, you feel the symphony of feminine emotions pleasing your senses in complete harmony with nature. It is photogenic, photographic, postcard worthy that I explored during my travel trip to Bhedaghat from Delhi.

Photographer’s Paradise – Bhedaghat On Narmada River

In this Valley of Narmada, when Sun hits the horizon and kisses the marble rocks in golden hours, entire landscape starts to swing with varied vibrant colors evoking the photographer in you to fall in eternal love. When you stand by Smoky Cascade known as Dhuandhar Fall, deafening roars from this smoky-spoilt-brat like water fall keeps seeking your attention with every plunge it takes. And, finally when you take a walk on White Marble Rocks along Narmada, nature reveals its best and you become one with this huge canvas marked with Marble Canyon, Holy Narmada & a Smoky Water Fall.

This is Bhedaghat for me, the top tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh, where you would have the best boating or sailing experience, where during golden hours every minute sun rays when fall on white marble rocks brings out new scheme of colors, where an upbeat fall amazes you while embracing you & where, it seems, Narmada finds its ultimate solace and achieves Nirvana amidst marble rock.

Travel Trip To Bhedaghat From Delhi

Bhedaghat, stretched for 5 KM along River Narmada, is an exquisite expression of Mother Nature and have been classified as Indian version of Grand Canyon by many. This gorgeous and less explored place is an ultimate offbeat place to experience the un-experienced & the un-imagined. We covered 800+ Km from Delhi by road to reach this natural wonder and indeed, the travel trip to Bhedaghat via road and then beyond to Chhattisgarh was one superlative experience for us.


Road Trip to Bhedaghat: 830Km of awesome experiece!


This is a very clean destination and locals are very supportive. You certainly don’t need to hire any guide to explore the place. Nature welcomes you with an open heart and let you explore this place at your own place. So, here comes exclusive experiences that only Bhedaghat offers and traveler in you must experience. The photo essay is a tribute to this natural wonder which i have explored many tumes on travel trips.


Travel Trip to Bhedaghat – Must Do Things

Indulge Yourself In A Boat Ride

Taking a boat ride on the calm river amidst towering marble rocks is the pinnacle experience at Bhedaghat. Preferable time is either sunrise or sunset when golden rays of sun illuminate the white marble rocks with varied colors of multitude nuances. You feel as if sailing through a natural travesty of colors and psychedelic swirls of different hues & shades.

White Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat!

An extended ride of 45 minutes takes you to the fantasy land where at many places depth of the river is more than 600 feet and height of the rocks is more than 100 feet. We saw the natural marbles rock for the first time and the experience was awe-inspiring in every sense. During eloquent, informative, poetic and hilarious commentary, boatman talks in length about Bhedaghat’s Bollywood connections and shows different type of marbles rocks, ranging from blue to pink in color.

Seeing the natural marbles is an awe-inspiring in every sense!

This one experience is truly a bucket list worthy experience. Boating facilities are available throughout the year barring monsoon months and special rides are organized during full moon night which is another thrilling experience of superlative dimension.

Bollywood Trivia: Bhedaghat

The enthralling and imposing natural beauty of Bhedaghat has captured the imagination of many Bollywood filmmakers.  Blockbuster movies like Ashoka, Jis Desh Mein Ganaga Behti Hai, Mohanjadaro, Mujhe Jeene Do and many more have been shot against the marvelous & marbled backdrop of Bhedaghat.


Travel to Bhedaghat – Top Things To Do

Feel the Smoky Droplets of Dhuandhar Fall

The Narmada, making its way through the marble rocks, tapers down and then takes a 30 feet plunge creating thunderous waterfall known as Dhuandhar or Smoky Cascade. So, powerful is this cascading that water droplets rise in concentrated mass giving an illusion of mist and smoke thus the name Dhuandhar. The roaring sound can be felt from far distance but the real thrill is experienced standing next to fall and soaking yourself in the misty magic of these water droplets.  During sunrise, the place is awesomely spectacular unleashing the spiritual power all around & impregnating the mind with beautiful thoughts. Every drop that touches you physically refreshes your soul and mind alike. Trust me, this fall literally touches you.



Experience Bhedaghat – Must To Do Things

Take A Dip in Holy Narmada River

Narmada, one of the seven most sacred rivers for Hindus, flows westward across central India through oldest mountain ranges of Vindya and Satpura. Bhedaghat is the places where Narmada unleashes its power creating majestic Dhuandhar water fall and then suddenly starts flowing with ultimate aplomb embracing Marble Rocks.

As per Hindu Mythology, Narmada is believed to be the Daughter of Supreme God Shiva and for people of Central India, touching the water of Narmada is equal to taking seven dips in Ganga. According to a legend, the river Ganga, polluted by millions of people bathing in it, assumes the form of a black cow and comes to the Narmada to bathe and cleanse itself in its holy waters, and this establishes the importance of Narmada in Hindu Mythology.

So, there is no better place than Bhedaghat, which is the crown jewel of Narmada Valley, to take a holy dip. Rest assured, this one experience during a travel trip to BHedaghat would transport you to the zone of tranquility and spirituality. You will find your mojo and be one with the nature.



Bhedaghat In Central India – Ways To Explore

Hug The Marble Blocks

Marble has always been an enthralling proposition for human kind. It’s been a symbol of opulence and grandeur since centuries. At Bhedaghat, the landscape is dotted with marble all around and along river Narmada, one can actually take a trek to these marble rocks – the soaring wonders of nature. Every step on these rocks increases the craving for this off beat destination and hugging these cold marble rocks spiritually purge the soul. Every moment spend amidst these rocks; force you more not to leave this place ever. The bewitching charm of these rocks entices you and leaves a lifelong impression on mind. The itch to wander gets some relief when you stand at the top of these rocks embracing all pervasive natural beauty.


Trip To Bhedaghat – Must Do Things

Dine By Waterfall Atop Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat

We stayed at Vrindavan Gopala Resort managed by V-Resorts India located atop marble rocks on the other side of Bhedaghat known as New Bhedaghat. Food here ought to taste awesome as the open air dining space overlooks the all pervasive splendor of water fall & marble rocks. The sparkling white water fall & glittering marble rocks illuminated with flood lights and sound of gushing water at the background orchestrate an otherworldly sensory experience; that enhances the taste of the food. The unparalleled dining experience is also a great way to enjoy the miracles of nature present all over Bhedaghat.

View from open air dining space
Zoomed view of Fall and rocks from Dining Space
Vrindavan Gopala Resort managed by V-Resorts India


Important Travel Tips For Bhedaghat

For us, Bhedaghat was the experiential destination. Please refer below details before you plan your travel to this natural wonder located in Central India near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh State.

Best time to visit Bhedaghat: November to March

Where to stay in Bhedaghat: Vrindavan Gopala Resort managed by V-Resorts India. It serves awesome Vegetarian food and also offers best view of Bhedaghat.

Places to visit in Bhedaghat: Other than above listed experiences, one may explore Chausath Yogini Temple and also take Gandola Ride which gives awesome top view of the Bhedaghat.

## To support local artisans, do buy some handmade artifacts.


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