Top Tips to Plan a European Trip from India in 2022

A trip to Europe is one of the most desired travel fantasies for most Indians. But, planning for this trip might be a challenge for new travellers as on this continent, the language, food, culture, and routine of people is different from that of Indians. Also, it is the general conception among Indians that a trip to Europe is bound to be expensive. Although there is some truth to it, there are also some cheap European countries to visit from India. So, it is essential to locate these countries for an affordable trip and plan a trip accordingly.


Best Tips to Plan a European Trip from India in 2022

Europe is continent in northern sphere and is a part of greater Eurasia continent and shares continental mass with Africa. It is the cradle of western civilization and full of history, culture and heritage and also blessed with nature’s bounty. One can plan a trip to Europe to do different kind of varied things for it has something for every kind of traveller.

India enjoys ages old cultural, political and economical bond with many countries of Europe giving inspiring reasons for Indians to plan a trip to Europe. Some of the best tips for a Europe trip from India include –

Choose the Country

Although most touristy countries will likely break your bank, there are also a few cheap European countries to visit from India. While budgeting a trip, some of the most sorted countries are the most expensive ones. However, here is the list of countries to check out depending on expenses –

Expensive Countries to visit in Europe

  • Switzerland – Approximate daily cost is 181.55 Euro
  • Iceland – Approximate daily cost is 133.63 Euro
  • France – Approximate daily cost is 182.19 Euro
  • Denmark – Approximate daily cost is 161.46 Euro
  • Italy – Approximate daily cost is 124.14 Euro
  • Netherland – Approximate daily cost is 122.66 Euro
  • Finland – Approximate daily cost is 120.73 Euro

Reasonable Countries to visit in Europe

  • Greece – Approximate daily cost is 110.33 Euro
  • Spain – Approximate daily cost is 111.96 Euro
  • Ireland – Approximate daily cost is 109.47 Euro
  • Germany – Approximate daily cost is 106.78 Euro

Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe

  • Serbia – Approximate daily cost is 18.75 Euro
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Approximate daily cost is 54.85 Euro
  • Albania – Approximate daily cost is 41.31 Euro
  • Bulgaria – Approximate daily cost is 51.04 Euro
  • Poland – Approximate daily cost is 58.58 Euro
  • Hungary – Approximate daily cost is 57.68 Euro


Plan Your Budget

After choosing a destination of choice, individuals have to plan their budgets accordingly. It will allow selecting places and activities that match the budget. For example, travelling via train between destinations within the EU is highly economical, hassle-free, and more accessible than air travel. It is also advisable to allot a budget for different activities such as food, side-seeing, travel, and others to manage finances easily.


Get Your Travel Visa

For travelling to European countries, applying for a Schengen Visa is mandatory. However, prospective travellers must note that a traveller’s passport must have at least 6 months. Also, it must have a minimum of 2 blank pages and the history of previous visas applied through the same passport.

Get Travel Insurance

It is mandatory to have travel insurance while travelling to Europe. Apart from it, having travel insurance can shield against unnecessary monetary outflows. For instance, an international travel insurance policy can protect help against flight delays, baggage loss, and personal accidents. Additionally, as it is a smartphone-enabled process, no paperwork is necessary, and individuals can travel without carrying additional documents.


Be Aware of All the Health Advisories In Place

Before travelling to a destination, it is vital to check COVID – 19 guidelines beforehand. Also, as these parameters change extensively due to subsequent waves, individuals must check parameters through local news channels and official websites. Besides, make sure that your vaccine is accepted in the destination country, as European countries might have varied requirements for travellers across nations.

Hence, before travelling, it is advisable to make an itinerary of places and activities. Travellers must understand that there are also cheap European countries to visit from India other than some expensive countries. Furthermore, check the health advisories of a particular country to avoid any misfortunes in Europe, which can drain unnecessary money. Besides this, buy an international health insurance plan to prevent an unnecessary outflow of funds.



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  1. AndysWorldJourneys says:

    what do your costs include?? Accommodation can be very expensive but there are cheaper options, but if you are ok with hostels you can reduce your costs. but once you are of a certain age (I am well past that age) then hostels are really not much of an option except for the really intrepid and your costs do blow out. Rail passes can help you mitigate costs somewhat too, as can self catering. great post

  2. Polly says:

    What a comprehensive list of tips on planning a trip to Europe. I love that you have included countries like Bulgaria (where I am originally from) – it is one of the cheapest and at the same time underrated countries in Europe, which is so worth the visit. Definitely check the COVID – 19 requirements because they change all the time in Europe and it can be difficult to keep track of everything! Great article!

  3. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    This post was interesting to read for planning a trip to Europe from almost anywhere outside of Europe. Although as Canadians we don’t have to worry about a Schengen visa – just about how long we are staying! The changing health requirements are probably the hardest thing right now. So much has changed since we started our first plan!

  4. Ras Bahadur Rai says:

    The Europe looks awesome and breath taking this travel blog website is a treasure trove of valuable travel information, from destination guides to insider tips, helping me plan my dream vacations with ease.

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