6 Ways Technology Can Influence Your Travels

We are a generation that loves to travel. So much so, that the travel sector coins in a healthy £4 trillion every year. Our love for travel may well have grown out of the fact that thanks to technological advances, getting away has never been easier. I really feel grateful for having witnessed technological advancement which has fueled my zeal for more travel. It is all because of the technology that I can travel and write at the same time.


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I  have benefited immensely from new technology and its offerings. I see a sphere of technological influence that has eclipsed each wandering soul and the entire ecosystem has evolved like never before. Read on to find out 6 ways that technology has influenced our travels to see how our travel experiences have been improved with the rise of smartphones, internet and the connectivity they offer.


Virtual Reality – A game changer for new age traveler

Virtual reality is no more virtual as it is impacting every travelers experience. Virtual Reality has made the adventures that we go on when we are on holiday infinitely better. Imagine touring ruins whilst simultaneously enjoying the sight of what they would have been originally or perusing a museum exhibition whilst also seeing the historical links to certain pieces. Virtual reality can drastically increase your enjoyment of a venue and itch the experience deep in heart.

Plus, virtual reality gives us tools such as Google Maps, which makes it so much easier to navigate to attractions when you are on holiday in a place you don’t know well.


Travel tips from others – A new way to plan better

Before the advent of internet, the only travel tips we could get were from travel agents, magazines, newspaper articles, brochures or through talking to others who had been to the destination. I still had umpteen cuttings of old news paper and magazines from 1990s. World for traveler was full of uncertainty and unexpected happenings.

Now, we have a wealth of information about every possible destination around the world. We can head to a website such as TripAdvisor and find out exactly what people who have already been there and experienced it really think about a destination. Plus, we can be confident that these reviews are honest and unbiased because the public rarely has a vested interest. The internet has certainly made it easier to find good places to visit while you are away.


Smartphones loaded with apps – Improving experiences


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In this wired world where almost all dots are connected, smartphone is the real enabler. We know that many of us could be accused of relying on their smartphone too much but they really are essential when travelling because they just make everything so much easier. Using apps, you can easily order a taxi, check your bank balance to see if you can afford that special meal out, translate a language or find a hotel. Just be careful when using your phone abroad, charges can quickly rack up.


Cheaper travel – Anywhere & Anytime

Once upon a time, travel and adventure was for blue bloods and considered a sheer luxury. Though everyone wanted to travel and explore world, but it required deep pockets. In recent year, technology has given us cheaper travel because it is so much easier to compare deals, bargain real time and finalize. Before we had the internet the only option that we had was to go to the travel agent and hope they would give us the best deal possible.

Now we can search for the best deal ourselves at home. The transparency in prices has also forced the travel industry to be more competitive. They need to offer great deals to lure us in, something which we can take full advantage of. New technological advancement has reduced the cost of travel and given wings to each traveler’s dreams.


Stay connected – Home is where you are

It is now even easier to stay in touch with friends and family at home while we are on our travels. We no longer need to purchase expensive calling cards in the hope that we will be able to get a clear line to our loved ones and that our credit lasted. Now, all that is need is an internet connection and we can speak to those we love face to face, for free. Technology has helped us deal with the homesickness that we sometimes feel when we are travelling.


We can take plenty of reading material


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Remember when we had to be careful about how many books we packed? It wasn’t because we didn’t want to read them but it was about how we could carry them or if they would tip us over on our baggage allowance at the airport. Thanks to technology we can now carry around an entire library in a tiny device. Now you can take along every book that you would ever hope to read on your trip.


Please share your travel experience when technology has impacted your travel. Also let us know the apps or websites you use while planning your travel.

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