Street Food Trail In Amsterdam, Netherlands

amterdam street food.pngAre you on a trip to Amsterdam? Well, you can be sure that you will have no time to get bored as the unique city is loaded with touristic attractions. One can look forward to the most rewarding experiences in Amsterdam. Moreover, all that sightseeing can sure make your hungry. What makes Amsterdam even more exciting is the excellent food scene in the city, and Dutch food is very delicious!

Why not go for one of those exciting Amsterdam tours to enjoy the best attractions and re-energize yourself with typical Dutch treats? This is the best way to make the most out of your trip and enjoy the best attractions in the city. You can even look into Amsterdam food tours while there and enjoy the traditional Dutch foods that carry a bit of foreign influences.

Here are some of the must-try foods in Amsterdam:


Street Food in Amsterdam – The Delicious Stroopwafel

The street food variety is commonly found in Amsterdam, and it is a delight to dig into those thin layers of dough filled with hot caramel syrup. You must try the Dutch sweet treat that is easily available at a street market or bakery.


Street Food in Amsterdam – The Beginning Bitterballen

Bitterballen are the most popular pub snacks that are served at most drinking establishments in Amsterdam. You will love those deep-fried meatballs that are crispy on the outside and soft inside and served with mustard.


Street Food in Amsterdam – Dutch Specialty Raw Herring

Every visitor to Amsterdam must try the Raw herring, which is a small sandwich with fish and served with pickles and onions. It is a favorite Dutch food that carries a sharp bite! You even buy it from the supermarket so it wont put a dent in your wallet and is perfect for your Amsterdam backpacking holiday.


Street Food in Amsterdam – The Fluffy Poffertjes

It is must to try these mini Dutch pancakes that are simply delicious. These little poffertjes are covered in sweet sugar syrup and nothing could be more enjoyable than eating those hot, buttery poffertjes from a street market vendor on a cold and rainy day in Amsterdam.


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Street Food in Amsterdam – The Fried Sweet Oliebollen

Oliebollen are deep fried sweet dumplings that are dusted in powdered sugar. They are served around New Year’s Eve and often contain fruit pieces.fritters-3905346_1920.jpg


Street Food in Amsterdam – The Dutch Satay

The satay is another of the favorite street foods in Amsterdam and is popular throughout among the locals as well as the tourists. You can easily enjoy them at the local restaurants and takeaway counters.



Street Food in Amsterdam – The Deep-Fried Kibbeling

You will simply love kibbeling, the deep-fried white fish that is served with mayonnaise herb sauce and a tang of lemon juice. They taste as delicious as they look.


Street Food in Amsterdam – The Dutch Cheese

It would be a mistake to go back without trying out the different variety of Dutch Cheese. The local cheese shops are very generous with their free samples, and you are sure to love them all. It is a must to try the aged Gouda and Old Amsterdam.


Street Food in Amsterdam – The Oorlog French Fries

You must order the oorlog fries that are served in a crispy cone and topped with mayonnaise. Well, be wary as you are going to get hooked for life. Enjoy oorlog fries with peanut sauce and raw onion.



Now that you are well aware of the popular street foods, you must know as to where to enjoy those Dutch food favorites. Well, one of the best places to try typical Dutch treats is the Albert Cuypmarkt. Here, you will get plenty of opportunities to buy fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables as well as try delicious snacks. You can enjoy that delicious poffertjes here at the Albert Cuypmarkt.  You must have a fresh, homemade stroopwafel which is a Dutch specialty and can be enjoyed at local food stalls at the Albert Cuypmarkt. The Dutch love to eat Doner kebabs as it is quick and easy to eat and can be had at any time of day.  Vleminckx or Manneken Pis is a favorite with Fry lovers. If you are looking for something fresh and filling, like noodles or rice, try Wok to Walk which is a great place.


For us, street food is the way to explore a place and Amsterdam looks like a crazy place to enjoy a variety of street food. We are collecting street food stories from the world. Comment with your best and memorable street food spree from anywhere in the world or reach out to us to feature your story.

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