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Top Places To Visit In Indonesia

As a part of guest contribution series on EverythingCandid, today we have the honor to host Jo – A passionate globetrotter, wildlife enthusiast, thrill seeker and writer who loves to explore new places and inspire others to travel. She has traveled wide and far and share her escapades on her blog WanderWithJo. So, lets uncover Indonesia with Jo.

Indonesia from the top of Pedar Island  (

Wonderful Indonesia

The biggest archipelago in the world,namely Indonesia, is home to a staggering 6000 uninhabited islands out of over 18,000 in total which comprise the land mass of the country. Add to it the vast stretches of pristine beaches and a chain of 167 active volcanoes, and you have an unmatched tourist destination just waiting to be explored. Here are some top must see places in this island nation.

Komodo National Park

This park is home to the world famous Komodo dragon, a giant lizard, which can attain a length of 3 meters and totally feeds on meat. Komodo National Park comprises of Rinca island and some smaller islands, where these monster reptiles roam freely and can be viewed safely in company of the local guides.

The mighty Komodo Dragon (



The changing landscape, rugged coasts, beautiful beaches and volcanic mountains,  all act as a perfect backdrop for the most popular island destination in Indonesia, if not the world. Offering a host of outdoor activities like surfing, diving combined with culture and spirituality, make Bali a picturesque place to visit.

Pedang Beach in Bali (



Situated in close proximity to the famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, the city of Yogyakarta is another most visited destination in Java, Indonesia. In spite of being located in a highly seismic zone, prone to large earthquakes and close to the active volcano Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta has its fair share of followers. This is chiefly due to the place being a rich centre of art and education, with a great infrastructure for visitors.

Prambanan Temple Complex (PC:Wiki)



Equal in beauty, both in beaches and volcanic scenery, to its more erstwhile neighbor  Bali, Lombok has all it takes to make a great place to visit minus all the commercialism of other crowded destinations. With the mighty volcano Mount Gunung Rinjani, known for its trekking, occupying the pride of place in the northern part of the island, there are the Gili islands to the northwest which are a popular tourist draw as well.

Mount Gunung Rinjani (


Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

The vast range of ancient craters and the active volcanoes emerging from it, provide for an awesome spectacle which cannot be seen elsewhere. Named after the two volcanic mountains, Semeru and Bromo, and the inhabitants of the park the Tengger people, the park offers picturesque views of the smouldering cones surrounded by the towering cliffs.



Set amidst green hills, surrounding a sprawling city, it is said that almost everything from the best to the worst can be found in Bandung. Excellent climate,great shopping, teeming market places, Dutch relics and a thriving culinary scene makes Bandung a great draw for visitors. Umpteen hotels like Grand Hotel Lembang can also be booked here with ease and offer great deals and discounts at times.

Bandung from top of Gunung Batu (

There are three distinct places in Bandung which attract and are of interest to visitors. The surrounding countryside with the high volcanic peaks,hot springs and tea plantations are all within a short day trip distance from the city. The Jl Braga area houses a line if cafes and upmarket restaurants, while the Jl Cihampelas district offers great shopping and is often referred to as the jeans street area of Bandung.


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