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Photo Project: Chasing The Sun!!

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Chasing The Sun

The omnipotent sun is the only free source of energy and for a photographer Sun is the only God and Sunlight is His only blessing. The idea behind this photo project is to chase the omnipresent Sun everywhere and anywhere and capture the beauty it bestows on the earth.

Each frame will certainly have The Sun or the drama of Golden Hour. Golden Hour is the prayer time for any photographer when spirituality takes over any other motives. Every Golden Hour shoot opportunity brings me closer to nature spiritually and otherwise. I felt this deeply while capturing the sun during desert camping near Bikaner and earlier while waiting for sun to rise at Munsiyari.

I love the drama that Golden Hour imparts in a scene—Interesting Patterns, Textures, Vibrancy of Colors. And sadly 50% of Golden Hours are sleep killers but truly Golden Hours can only ensure once in lifetime opportunity.

This Photo series is my way to show gratitude to the benevolent Sun God!


First Post in this series will have captures from my recent Self Drive Road Tripping To Rajasthan.

Day 1: Sunrise on Delhi-Jaipur Highway

Day 2 : Towards Karni Mata Mandir (The Famous Rat Temple)

Day 2: Amazing to see sunset in the vastness of desert: Desert Night Camping near Bikaner

Day2: Sun was about to set when we reach Sandune after 12 KM of Camel Riding

Day2: Golden Hour Shot from Desert: Camel is a must have element!

Day2: Sunset was never so beautiful!

Day 3: Golden Hour from Sand Dune

Day3: While waiting for sunrise!

Day3: Early morning Shot from Sand Dune!

Day 3: Sheer Serendipity!!

Day 3: Godhuli Vela- twilight hours on the road to Jaisalmer from Bikaner

Day 4: Towards Tanot from Jaisalmer. Shot taken after super-underexposing.

Day 4: Near Tanot. While clicking this shot, Jawans of Indian Army suddenly came from nowhere and enquired us. Checked the shots and finally let us click more.

Day 4: Chasing the Sun in Thar Desert

Day 4: Sunset near Tanot in Thar Desert. These days, eletric wires are killing the frame. yet to learn tricks in photoshopping.

Day 5: While coming back to Delhi. Always wanted to click such shot since long and loved the frame in totality.

While clicking all the above shot, i wasnt knowing if i would start this Photo Project-Chasing the Sun. Since then, I have realized that anything shot with Sun or in Golden Hour come alive and for a beauty seeker its an absolute delight.


Would love to get technical feedback also from serious photographers. I am a self taught photographer and yet to learn a lot & lot. Your feedack will help me to better my skills.


To read more on my Self Drive road tripping to Rajasthan please click HERE and to read on Desert Safari click HERE.

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