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Diving Boys of Betwa River at Orchha

Last summer i finally travelled down to Orchha on my way to Khajuraho. Orchhaa is 15 KM from Jhansi and some 200KM from Khajuraho. After Khajuraho, Orchha must be most pictured town of Madhya Pradesh – The Heart of incredible India.  I love to call it Royal Sepia Town of India which is right on the bank of boldered Betwa River making the entire setup very picturesque. Once Orchha was the epitome of royalty, magnanimity and prosperity, but now it belongs to the India’s one of the most backward region- Bundelkhand.

Delhi to Orchha

I spent first five years of my life in Jhansi and visited this place for many picnics, as told by parents. The only memory of those visits i have, is of a boy taking a jump from the Bridge into River Betwa. Since childhood, whenever i encounter the name Orchha, the image of the boy diving into river pops up in my mind. So, when i was all set to travel down to Khajuraho via Orchha, i decided to locate the bridge and spend some time there. I was not sure if, after almost 30 years, i would find those diving boys. But the itch was too strong and i had to do it. As soon as i entered the town of Orchha, i asked about the bridge on the Betwa and headed straight there with a thumping heart. And then what i see was like giving breath to my the oldest and the only memory of Orchha. It was a sheer Deja Vu and Eureka Moment for me. I could see many teenage boys taking dives into the river from Bridge, i spent close to 2 hours there with them and enjoyed every bit of it.

Bridge on Betwa River

Ready to Dive

Turn by Turn

Glorious Dive

Boy of Betwa River

Post Diving Moment


Dive from the River Bank

Fun moment…enjoying the attention!

A would be broad shouldered Man!!

Diving Dynamics!

Shouldn’t he be trained for Olympics??

This time Orchha was all about these boys of Betwa as visit to other places of so called interest might have played a spoilsport to my memories. So, from this bridge i started my journey onwards to Khajuraho.

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